Royal Chancellery of Granada

granada chancellery
Royal Chancellery of Granada

The primary objectives at this demonstrator site, the Royal Chancellery of Granada, are firmly centered on enhancing energy efficiency. This includes the optimization of various systems, such as air conditioning, Fan Coils, and lighting, that will be achieved through the deployment of cutting-edge sensors and smart devices.

As the main partner for the demonstration site, Cuerva's endeavor at this site is dedicated to elevating the performance of centralized heating and cooling infrastructure, always focused on improving the facility users experience. Additionally, Cuerva will actively contribute to the development of an integrated energy management system, encompassing data provision and rigorous solution testing within this facility.

Cuerva is the main local partner for this demo site, alongside TECNALIA, CARTIF, and the Andalusian Energy Agency.


Historical value

The Royal Chancellery of Granada, established in 1500 by the Catholic Spanish Monarchs, served as a judicial body covering southern Spain. Dissolving in 1834 during the rise of liberalism, its building, the Chancery Palace, was built from 1531 to 1587 and now stands in Plaza Nueva as a Cultural Heritage Site. Presently, it accommodates the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia and the Provincial Court of Granada. Its historical archives are safeguarded in the Archive of the Royal Chancery of Granada. 

The decision to retain its historical integrity reflects its significance and the need for careful energy efficiency upgrades.

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