SmarteeStory in a nutshell

SMARTeeSTORY is an innovative Horizon Europe project that brings together a consortium of 13 partners from six countries. SMARTeeSTORY develops a smart and integrated building automation and control system to monitor and optimise the buildings’ energy performance. By combining interoperable and cybersecure-by-design software and hardware solutions, the project accelerates the green transition of historical buildings while respecting their unique identities.

Three locations

The developed solutions will be implemented in historic non-residential buildings at three locations with very different geographical and climatic conditions:
The Riga City Hall in Latvia
delft courthouse
The Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft in the Netherlands
The Royal Chancellery of Granada in Spain
Besides the unique requirements of historic buildings, SMARTeeSTORY places a special focus on the people who work inside or want to visit those buildings. Therefore, a dedicated smart home system will be developed to identify the user’s needs and to engage them in real-time.

Historical buildings

Historical buildings are important landmarks of European cities and therefore play a crucial role in showcasing the benefits of the green and digital transition to the public. However, historic buildings use a lot of energy. Moreover, they come with challenging retrofitting requirements that, for example, rule out any adaptations to the building’s facades. SMARTeeSTORY will demonstrate that it is still possible to transform such buildings into sustainable, energy-efficient spaces while respecting their unique identities. The project specifically focuses on the optimization of non-residential historic building. Due to their complex and dynamic working conditions, they make energy renovation an even more demanding task. One that SMARTeeSTORY is happy to take on!
old building icon
of buildings in Europe were built before the end of World War II

Cooperation and exchange

At SMARTeeSTORY, we aim to actively promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices among interested stakeholders. We therefore invite related projects, building users, industrial and academic representatives as well as public authorities to all our events, such as our historic buildings’ open days, workshops, training sessions, and more. We look forward to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge!


SMARTeeSTORY’s primary goal is to improve the systemic optimization of the buildings’ energy efficiency by respecting the physical integrity of the historical buildings. To support the smartification of historical buildings across Europe, SMARTeeSTORY thus focuses on the following objectives:
Development of an interoperable and cybersecure-by-design IoT Cloud Platform that brings together all the SMARTeeSTORY services.
Development of a customized approach that will be adaptable to specific configurations, e.g. bypassing country-specific regulations.
Creation of a web application to assess the techno-economic feasibility of the digitalisation of historic buildings based on the SRI assessment methodology.
Development of algorithms based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) for the automatic recognition of building occupant archetypes and to quickly adapt to occupants’ personal preferences.
Development and calibration of physics-based digital twins.
Design and development of a Digital Building Logbook, connecting to other digital ecosystems, from which it will obtain information such as weather or occupancy data.
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