Riga City Hall

Riga demo activities aim at considerable improvement of the overall energy efficiency and smartness of a historical heritage building – Riga City Hall – in which, due to historic heritage context the traditional energy renovation is not an option.

Highly innovative technological solutions will be piloted to upgrade all the main engineering systems of Riga demo building (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, shading, etc.) as well as to integrate BIPV-based renewable energy production and storage solutions. Also, the SMARTeeSTORY building energy management system will be designed and installed in Riga demo building to demonstrate its effectiveness.


Historical value

The Riga City Hall is the main administrative building of the Riga City Municipality, located in the Historic Centre of Riga, the UNESCO heritage site. Historic Town Hall originally was built in 1848-1850 by the famous Riga City Architect Johann Daniel Felsko, however, it was completely destroyed by bombing during World War II. Current building is a replica of the original building, constructed in 2004 closely following the medieval pattern.

Nowadays the building has a number of representative functions, from hosting the offices of Riga Mayor and other elected councilors to assembly premises and conference rooms. In 2002, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, part of the building has been handed over to Ukrainian community to be used as a gathering space and support centre for war refugees.

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