Andalusian Energy Agency

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Public body, energy policies, energy strategies
Contact: Joaquin Villar

The Andalusian Energy Agency (Agencia Andaluza de la EnergĂ­a) is a 100% public body fully integrated in the Andalusian Regional Government and was created by regional law 4/2003 of 23 September.

The Andalusian Energy Agency plays a major role as the entity responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the Regional Government´s Andalusian Energy Plan. Specifically, the Agency coordinates and promotes the objectives established in the energy policies of the Andalusian Regional Government which currently takes shape in the Andalusian Energy Strategy, Horizon 2030.


Role in SmarteeStory

The Andalusian Energy Agency will collaborate with the rest of the partners in the development of the different work packages, and in particular, with the development and validation of the pilot project in Granada and in the analysis of the replicability of the solutions in other historic buildings of the regional Government of Andalusia.

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