TU Delft Science Day

science day 7

On 22 October, TU Delft invited families and children to experience the project’s activities first-hand at the University’s annual Science Day 2023. During this free family event, various departments open their doors to welcome children with their parents to learn more about science and technology. The SMARTeeSTORY partners organized several interactive activities to share the project’s and other ideas on human-building interaction.

'Smartification' always sounds a bit like anything and everything, right? Therefore, one of the activities was to ask visitors to describe what they think a smart building actually is. The answers were intriguing, ranging from "moving houses", "climate resilience" and "healthy indoor climate" to "soft" homes - all of which are indeed smart ideas!

Seeing all the people, children and families having a great time while learning about the SMARTeeSTORY research has been the best reward one could imagine. And activities like these really illustrate what is meant by technical terms like “smart buildings” or “user interaction” and how we can use smart appliances to improve our living environments in the future, while at the same time saving energy.

Thank you to the Green Village at TU Delft and the TU Delft Science Centre for hosting and helping us! Thanks to eyrise® B.V. for the collaboration through Face2Face and especially thanks to the SMARTeeSTORY project partners on site, Alessandra Luna NavarroPedro Pablo de la Barra Luegmayer and Pablo Martínez Alcaraz, for organising the event.

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