SRI Re-evaluation Completed


Right before the end of the year, the SMARTeeSTORY partners reevaluated the SRI (smart readiness indicator) values for each of the three demo sites, keeping in mind the original values from the proposal phase.

For this re-evaluation, we have decided to use a simplified calculation method (calculation method B instead of method A). This has established a foundation for the interventions to be implemented within the project in the near future.

In the initial phase, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were identified and grouped into five categories: Energy and Environmental, Indoor Environmental, Economic, Informatic, and User-related. Following this, a detailed analysis was undertaken to ascertain the relevance of each KPI to individual demo sites, considering the feasible SRSs. Additionally, preliminary methods for quantifying each KPI, involving the measurement or calculation of required parameters, were delineated.

In the concluding phase, a methodology was crafted to evaluate the impact of the SRI difference between baseline and future scenarios on KPI values. An analysis was conducted to establish the correlation between KPI categories and the Impact Criteria utilized in SRI calculation methods. Subsequently, a comprehensive list of specific SRSs affecting each KPI was compiled. This comprehensive approach establishes a sturdy foundation for the assessment and enhancement of performance across diverse domains within the SMARTeeSTORY demo sites.

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