Sensor-Driven Renovation at TU Delft

delft figure

A significant portion of the historic building that houses the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft - one of our three demonstrators - is currently undergoing renovations. The area being renovated spans two floors, featuring several open spaces and individual offices. Approximately 40 researchers work in this area.

The renovation plan includes the installation of over 150 sensors (see Figure below). We are pleased to announce that the first batch of sensors, provided by TERA, has arrived for the demo. These sensors will measure indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions at desk level, including air temperature, air humidity, and illuminance. These metrics are crucial for assessing occupant comfort. The strategic placement of these sensors will enhance our ability to implement advanced personal comfort models using machine learning techniques.

The remaining sensors, supplied by Schneider Electric, are en route to Delft. These will monitor occupant behavior and help us develop our own Building Management System (BMS). The final installation is scheduled to begin at the end of June 2024, in preparation for summer monitoring and before the SMARTeeSTORY solution is implemented.

delft figure
Second floor layout of sensors intervention in Delft demonstrator (Credits: TU Delft)

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