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Energy audit; Energy simulation; Indoor air quality
Contact: Anatolijs Borodinecs

Riga Technical University's Institute of Heat, Gas and Water Technology has been actively engaged in the implementation of energy efficiency measures in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems and optimizing the use of renewable energy sources in the building sector for more than twenty years.

The staff of the Institute has developed a range of methods and solutions for constructing low-energy buildings, as well as technical solutions for enhancing energy efficiency at existing multi-storey residential buildings. The Institute possesses significant expertise in dynamic energy simulation using software such as IDA-ICA, TRNSYS, EnergyPlus and other. The Institute is actively involved in research on building physics of well insulated structures and currently. In collaboration with the industrial partner is developing monitoring algorithms for reduction of energy consumption in buildings, taking into account comfort parameters and human productivity.


Role in SmarteeStory

The main contribution is assistance to the Riga Energy Agency in conducting an energy audit of a demo building and improvement of energy performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, with a particular emphasis on ensuring the best possible indoor air quality and thermal comfort.  Contribution to development of digital twin model and validation of theoretical model based on real measured data.  Incorporation of Python for development and analysis of various retrofitting and HVAC management solutions as well as in-depth data analysis. Participation in dissemination activities both at national and international level. Ensuring that the project results are integrated into the curriculum.

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