Riga Energy Agency

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Coordinator of demo activity in the City of Riga
Contact: Nika Kotoviča

Riga Energy Agency (REA) is a municipal agency founded in 2007 for the purpose of planning, management, monitoring and coordination of energy- and climate- smart and sustainable urban development. REA is engaged in full-cycle energy and climate policy development (planning-implementation-monitoring-evaluation-update) in the City of Riga. 

Since its establishment REA has played an active role in the European policy development aimed to foster energy transition and mitigate/adapt to climate change. REA team has obtained invaluable knowledge and experience through implementing a range of EU projects financed by Horizon, Life, Intelligent Energy Europe, Interreg, URBACT, EUKI, EUCF and other funding programmes.


Role in SmarteeStory

REA is the main coordinator of Riga demo activities where highly innovative technological solutions will be piloted to upgrade all the main engineering systems of Riga demo building (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, shading, etc.) as well as to integrate BIPV-based renewable energy production and storage solutions. Also, the SMARTeeSTORY building energy management system will be designed and installed in Riga demo building to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Key responsibilities of REA include data collection before, during and after the SMARTeeSTORY interventions, permitting and procurement of 3rd party technologies (sensors, actuators, IoT devices, etc.) and services (technical design, site preparation and installation works), local and international communication and dissemination activities, and other.

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