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Solar Shading, Blind Automation, Glare Control
Contact: Luca Papaiz

PELLINI SPA was founded in 1974 in Codogno, Northern Italy. Its ScreenLine division, specializing in shading systems to be integrated within sealed insulating glass units, operates globally with 8 production facilities around the world and is an acknowledged leader in the field of high-performance internal andexternal shading solutions.

The company boasts in-house engineering and production departments of mechanical and electronic components and is developing state-of-the art technologies for solar shading automation based on its unique capabilities of combining tailor-made electronic solutions and motorization with blind hardware.


Role in SmarteeStory

Pellini will be supplying roller shades on DEMO cases together with a model-based control logic with a reduced amount of room sensors, making them unnecessary or just required on a commissioning phase. The idea behind the automation is to perform, on a micro-scale, live simulations being able to quantify daylighting contribution, glare probability, solar protection, visual contact, and user intervention.

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