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Modeling, Prediction, Evaluation
Contact: Alexia Zoumpoulaki

EXUS was founded with the vision to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry – making it simple, accessible and exciting.

EXUS’s purpose is to improve the business of those it serves, simplifying complexity to enable intelligent action. EXUS designs, creates and markets software solutions and services in several business and application areas such as business, e-health, e-learning, business process management, collection, wireless applications. Currently, EXUS covers a wide spread of activities by leveraging the expertise of its 130+ people strong technical divisions that are led by expert project managers and senior consultants. Additionally, the company operates its internal AI Labs department, which is an R&D team of 30 people, that manages the strategic research and development portfolio of the company and currently is leading a number of various projects in different sectors, such as security, health, creativity.

Currently EXUS is coordinating 5 EU projects (STAMINA, S4ALLCITIES, ONCORELIEF, CONNECT and ELEGANT), while participating in more than 18 projects. Finally, within the context of the EU project in which we participate, we provide a number of technical AI offers, that are all developed based on the current state-of-the-art Machine Learning methodologies and range from dataset harvesting frameworks, predictive models, integration platforms, early warning systems, to preparedness pandemic training tools.

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Role in SmarteeStory

EXUS has a significant role in the project, focusing on the optimization of building energy smart control systems. EXUS focuses on calibrating energy models using current data, making short-term energy forecasts, and refining models with hands-on data. We also contribute in the advancement of energy services, analysis, prediction, and integration of the SMARTeeSTORY System. Additionally we contribute in software architecture, in creating a user archetypes database, and ensuring the efficacy of control algorithms. Overall, EXUS's contributions span from model development to systems integration, underlining their integral role in the project's success.

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