Cuerva Energy

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Demonstrator leader, energy efficiency, historical
Contact: Pablo Blázquez

Cuerva is a family-owned company founded in 1939 in Granada (Spain) with a long and proven track record in the energy sector.

We have been living in the future for more than 80 years, focusing on innovation and searching for new and better ways of understanding and working with energy: in Cuerva, we think, create and launch tools and technologies that ensure the transition to a new and better energy consumption model.


Role in SmarteeStory

Cuerva plays a crucial role in the project, acting as the Spanish Demonstration site Leader, in charge of reducing energy consumption and emissions in a section of the Andalusian High Court of Justice, a 16th-century historical building, without altering its original aesthetics and preserving its history. Cuerva will be in charge of unifying the work of every partner involved with Spain’s demo as well as implementing all the technologies developed for the building’s efficiency transformations needed to meet user needs.

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